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Towa Tei

LP [Orange Vinyl]

LP [Orange Vinyl]

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WRWTFWW Records announce the release of the new album from legendary Deee-Lite member Towa Tei, celebrating the 30th year of his career. Available on (orange) vinyl for the first time outside of Japan. The album, simply titled LP features Japanese music icons Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi (Yellow Magic Orchestra), Yasuaki Shimizu (Kakashi), fellow METAFIVE colleagues Tomohiko Gondo and Yoshinori Sunahara, HANA, Wataru Iga, Shunji Mori, Hidefumi Ino, and more. It was mixed by famed engineer Goh Hotoda and the artwork comes from painter Tomoo Gokita. Poppy, catchy, dance-y, and very funky, Towa Tei's tenth solo album is 100% delirious ride and a testament to the Deee-Lite member's ever-expanding creativity, combining simplicity and experimentalism in the most feel-good ways. Indoor, outdoor, and every day of the year, this one will make you dance and smile! This release is a collaboration between legendary Japanese label Nippon Columbia/Better Days and WRWTFWW Records.

Track Listing:
Disc 1
01. Birthday 
02. DJDJ
03. Fabulous 
04. Magic 
05. Emez
06. Consumer Electronics 
07. Mind Power 
08. Rendezvous
09. Ringwear 
10. Nomadologie 

Release Date: March 11, 2022

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