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Naoki Kodaka

Journey To Silius / Ufouria: The Saga (Original Soundtrack) [Limited Black & White Split Vinyl]

Journey To Silius / Ufouria: The Saga (Original Soundtrack) [Limited Black & White Split Vinyl]

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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Is proud to present a double-bill of classic early 90s Sunsoft soundtracks, Journey To Silius and Ufouria: The Saga, together on vinyl for the first time! Relive the golden days of NES gaming with our split LP of Naoki Kodaka's seminal scores for two much beloved Sunsoft gems! Side A is dedicated to 1990's run-and-gun sci-fi platformer Journey To Silius (known as Rough World in Japan). The frenetic action pulled players into it's futuristic dystopian world with explosive force but it was Kodaka's soundtrack - utilising unusual programming techniques - which kept them hooked, receiving wide acclaim and being the subject of many remixes and sampled tracks. On the AA flip is the original score to Ufouria: The Saga, the very first entry in the popular Hebereke series. An action-adventure game in the vein of Metroid, Ufouria featured unusually quirky character designs, some of which would become intrinsic to Sunsoft itself. Originally released in 1991, the game has grown a large cult following over the last three decades thanks in part to it's score, where Naoki Kodaka compliments the unforgettable character style with a catchy soundscape to match. Available on limited edition black & white split vinyl and featuring artwork by Drew Wise, this is sure to be a hit with collectors of quality retro VGM!


1 Title
2 Opening
3 Stage 1
4 Final Stage
5 Stage 2
6 Stage 3
7 Stage 4
8 Boss Battle
9 Stage Clear
10 Ending
11 Game Over
12 Unused Jingle 1
13 Unused Jingle 2
14 Hebereke! (Title Screen)
15 Hebe's Adventure
16 Cold Hebe
17 Under Hebe
18 Hebe Sky
19 Parallel Hebe
20 Decisive Battle
21 Muu Cat Brothers
22 Unyon-Araaru (Final Boss)
23 Hehenda (Boss Clear)
24 Glosious Hebe
25 Continue (Continue
26 Password Screen
27 Staff Roll)
28 Degyuppi (Game Over)
29 New Found Path
30 Hebereke! (Title Screen - First Version) [Bonus Track]
31 Degyuppi (Game Over Us Prototype Version) [Bonus Track]

Release Date: August 18, 2023

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