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Pet Shop Boys

Elysium [2017 Remastered Vinyl]

Elysium [2017 Remastered Vinyl]

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Vinyl LP pressing. Elysium is the 11th studio album by synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. Released on 5 September 2012, it is the duo's final album with Parlophone. The album was produced during 2012 in Los Angeles by Andrew Dawson and Pet Shop Boys. Pet Shop Boys began writing the songs for the album during a period of five weeks in Berlin, Germany in the beginning of 2011. In January 2012, Pet Shop Boys went to Los Angeles to work with American producer Andrew Dawson for three months. The duo were interested in working with Dawson after seeing his name in the credits for the Kanye West albums 808s & Heartbreak (2008) and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). Chris Lowe has described Elysium as having the same feel as Behaviour (1990), but "sonically I think it's very different." Pet Shop Boys considered Happy Sad as title of the album, but came up with the title Elysium during a walk in Elysian Park in Los Angeles. Lyrically the album can be interpreted as "about being us at our stage in our life, doing what we do", according to Neil Tennant.


    - Disc 1 -
    1 Leaving (2017 Remastered Version)
    2 Invisible (2017 Remastered Version)
    3 Winner (2017 Remastered Version)
    4 Your Early Stuff (2017 Remastered Version)
    5 A Face Like That (2017 Remastered Version)
    6 Breathing Space (2017 Remastered Version)
    - Disc 2 -
    1 Ego Music (2017 Remastered Version)
    2 Hold on (2017 Remastered Version)
    3 Give It a Go (2017 Remastered Version)
    4 Memory of the Future (2017 Remastered Version)
    5 Everything Means Something (2017 Remastered Version)
    6 Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin (2017 Remastered Version)

Release Date: October 20, 2017

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