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Yung Bae

Bae 2 [Vinyl]

Bae 2 [Vinyl]

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Get ready for an explosion of disco, funk, hip-hop and soul with this album! A session of electrifying and groovy hits. From track to track, it's a celebration of rhythm and dance. Tasteful samples that are blended into something new, and unique from their origin in this album.


1 Intro
2 You're Love
3 Here with Me (Feat. Swindail)
4 Kiki
5 Don't Stop (Feat. Flamingosis)
6 Slam Jam! (Feat. Luca Lush)
7 Party in Me
8 Come on Girl
9 Fall in Love with Me (Feat. Flamingosis)
10 Ain't Nobody Like You (Feat. Josh Pan)
11 Not a Single Question? (Feat. Yung Aloha)
12 Blue Skies (Outro)

Release Date: May 5, 2023

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