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Blink 182

Enema Of The State [Blue Vinyl]

Enema Of The State [Blue Vinyl]

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Blink 182 embodies all the rock & roll verities, from savage, power chord-driven, guitar-bass-and-drums attack to a carefully cultivated tastelessness (see album title and cover art), bolstered by plenty of attitude (the abundance of tattoos doesn't hurt either). The band's post-Green Day pop-punk leaps out of the speakers with zero subtlety and maximum aggression. Guitars alternately blaze and chug over breakneck rhythms, while the vocal melodies pay homage to the time-honored pop hook tradition. Despite the band's four-on-the-floor approach, the arrangements are regulated by careful, radio-minded production for a more accessible sound.

    Release Date: October 7, 2016

    UPC: 754220307950

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