Collection: Original Japanese Vinyl Records

If you haven't heard the Japanese version of your favorite album, there's a 99% chance it will blow you away, once you do. Let me tell you why.

Starting in the late 70's, US manufactured records were often produced from recycled vinyl which created a noisier pressing, using stampers across a large pressing count. Japanese record companies, on the other hand, used virgin vinyl to manufacture their records resulting in dead-quiet, high quality, audiophile grade pressings and generally had much smaller pressing runs for their western releases. 

The other item of note is that record companies actually did a re-master for the Japanese editions of a release highly focused on mastering for best-sound so it is entirely possible that you will notice elements in a track for the first time, even though you've listened to this song countless times on your non-Japanese pressing. 

One more bit of info, especially, since I will mention this in the product description for some of my Japanese vinyl.  You all know, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (aka MoFi) right? For years, MoFi, known for audiophile pressings, was contracting out the pressings of their records to JVC in Japan because JVC had invented an exceptionally durable and quiet vinyl compound known as “Super Vinyl” that was unavailable anywhere else and MoFi continues to use this compound today for their audiophile quality records.  The majority of these JVC "Super-Vinyl" pressings are a dark translucent brown colored vinyl.  I will mention this in a product description which should essentially tell you that this going to be a high-quality audio pressing!

Aside from the record, significantly better materials were used for the covers and artwork resulting in 30 year old jackets that look better than their brand new counterparts released now and lets not forget the extra's that only come with the Japanese release, like the OBI (to help Japanese consumers who may not read English) and lyric/bio sheets in English and Japanese.

These are used items, unless stated otherwise.  Please read descriptions carefully and ask any questions you may have as these are sold as-is and we do not accept returns on used items.