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The Zombies

Odessey Oracle [Vinyl]

Odessey Oracle [Vinyl]

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This edition of ODESSEY AND ORACLE contains the entire album in stereo, followed by the album in mono, plus 3 unissued tracks not included in their box set.
The Zombies: Rod Argent (vocals, keyboards); Colin Blunstone (vocals); Paul Atkinson (guitar); Chris White (bass, background vocals); Hugh Grundy (drums).
Reissue producer: Alec Palao.
Includes original liner notes by Rod Argent and Al Kooper, and reissue liner notes by Alec Palao.
UK 1960s psych-pop scarcely gets more seminal than this. The Zombies' '68 swan song is their crowning achievement, a Day-Glo, baroque-tinged masterpiece on a par with PET SOUNDS or SGT. PEPPER'S. Like the Beatles, the Zombies had left their Merseybeat sound far behind by the late '60s, pursuing instead a moodier, more sophisticated sound. "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)," a grimly haunting accordion-led WWI narrative would have been unimaginable on an earlier Zombies record, and the simmering, ominous classic "Time of the Season" is as far from "She's Not There" as "Strawberry Fields Forever" is from "She Loves You."
Still, the peerless pop craftsmanship of keyboardist Rod Argent and bassist Chris White (the group's principal songwriters) makes for plenty of richly melodic gems, as realized by Colin Blunstone's breathy, angelic voice. The delicately beautiful "A Rose for Emily" and the sunny, optimistic "This Will Be Our Year" can melt even the coldest of hearts. The 2004 reissue's bonus cuts (equally as entrancing as the initial tracks) and top-notch remastering further secure ODESSEY & ORACLE's status as an absolute must-own.

  • Released: 5/19/1998
  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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