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Tori Amos

Native Invader [Vinyl]

Native Invader [Vinyl]

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release, the 15th studio album from the acclaimed singer/songwriter. Native Invader is the long-awaited follow-up to her 2014 album Unrepentant Geraldines. Tori's confessional style of writing sees her continue to push boundaries with her music. Her messages of empowerment, tenderness, acerbic assertiveness and her utterly peerless sound speaks to audiences across the globe. On this album, Tori delves even deeper into her personal experiences, and the standard is there to be seen. Says Tori: "The songs on Native Invader are being pushed by the Muses to find different ways of facing unforeseen challenges and in some cases dangerous conflicts. The record looks to Nature and how, through resilience, she heals herself. The songs also wrestle with the question: what is our part in the destruction of our land, as well as ourselves, and in our relationships with each other?"

- 1 -
1 Reindeer King
2 Wings
3 Broken Arrow
- 2 -
1 Cloud Riders
2 Up the Creek
3 Breakaway
- 3 -
1 Wildwood
2 Chocolate Song
3 Bang
- 4 -
1 Climb
2 Bats
3 Benjamin
4 Mary's Eyes

Release Date: October 20, 2017

UPC: 028948155880

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