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6:66: Satan's Child [Colored Vinyl, Green]

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One of the most anticipated reissues of the year! The 1999 dark masterpiece from metal gods of the underworld, Danzig! This powerful album has some of Danzig's heaviest and most profound songs including "Thirteen," which was written for and recorded by Johnny Cash in 1994 and used as the opening song in the hit 2009 film The Hangover! Rare alternate cover artwork created by Verotik illustrator Martin Edmond!

1 Five Finger Crawl
2 Belly of the Beast
3 Lilin
4 Unspeakable
5 Cult Without a Name
6 East Indian (Kali's Song)
7 Firemass
8 Cold Eternal
9 Satan's Child
10 Into the Mouth of Abandonment
11 Apokalips
12 Thirteen